Syracuse Physical Therapy



To all of our valued customers:


Recently, we have begun to take steps towards returning to our office.  We are slowly scheduling patients once again, but we are doing so on a very restricted schedule.  Our primary concern is the health and welfare of our staff and customers.  We will only allow for scheduling of one patient in our office every 45 minutes to 1 hour.  This will allow us enough time in between each customer to properly sanitize the treatment areas and to minimize/eliminate any interaction between customers. 

As part of our efforts to minimize any potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, it will be mandatory for every individual entering our office to have their temperature taken. We will also continue to recognize the 6 foot social distancing safety guidelines, as well as wear gloves and masks at all times while customers are present.

Telehealth services will also be made available for individuals who would prefer to stay home and have our physical therapist contact them, either by telephone or through online video services.  These are both services that will need to be requested and scheduled by you, the customer.  Please feel free to contact us regarding these services.

Again, we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience, but the safety of our staff and customers is our absolute #1 priority!!

We will look forward to hearing from you all again, and promise to assist in any way we can to get you set up for services at  Syracuse Physical Therapy!!