Syracuse Physical Therapy


Stay In Motion - Fitness Membership

Stay In Motion is a program focused towards providing our patients, as well as their family and friends, with fitness and wellness services within the facilities of Syracuse Physical Therapy. The primary goal of this program is to promote an active, healthy lifestyle, and to provide our members an opportunity to maintain the level of fitness they had achieved through Syracuse Physical Therapy’s rehab services.

Stay In Motion program offers our customers an opportunity to maintain an active lifestyle through the use of state-of-the-art equipment in our facility. Clients participating in the Stay In Motion program will be provided with constant supervision by qualified staff members of Syracuse Physical Therapy.  By recognizing the diagnosis and precautions of our clients, a safe, but challenging fitness program can be developed by qualified staff members, enabling our clients to achieve their individual fitness goals.  

Once a patient has been discharged from physical therapy at our facility
, their physical therapist may encourage the Stay In Motion program, but will relinquish any and all responsibility for that individuals fitness objectives during their membership .  Instead, the client may be supervised by participating staff members and will be responsible for reviewing their own information pertaining to the fitness program.  The supervising staff members may be asked for recommendations and/or suggestions regarding participant's fitness protocols, but all hands-on involvement from the staff members will be prohibited. 

In an ongoing effort to provide the local community with an alternative to health insurance, Syracuse Physical Therapy also offers a self-pay option for physical therapy services. This option includes a one month membership to our Stay In Motion fitness program, which can be renewed on a monthly basis.  This encourages the skilled services of our Physical Therapists, but also entitles the client to full use of our fitness equipment within the facility.  As part of the physical therapy, the client will be educated and instructed in the proper use of the equipment and will always be encouraged to ask for assistance if any is required.