Syracuse Physical Therapy



We are always very appreciative of the compliments we receive from previous clients, and hope that this will help future customers feel more comfortable about choosing Syracuse Physical Therapy for all of their rehabilitation needs.

I would like to thank Doug and his whole staff for a great and productive time at Syracuse Physical Therapy.  When I got there I could hardly walk, never mind work, but with their guidance I'm not only back to work, but back to my life.  It was hard work, but their attitude and friendly style made it easy to keep going.  Thank you all very much!
Kathleen B.

On December 22, 2013, I fell and dislocated my kneecap, rupturing my quadriceps tendon.  On January 20th, I was operated on to reattach the tendon.  For two weeks, I was on crutches and in a straight leg brace.  On February 3rd, I had the staples removed and was told by my doctor to have the knee to 90 degrees in 6 weeks at my next visit.  That week I started therapy at Syracuse Physical Therapy.  Over the next 6 weeks they were able to get my range of motion to 90 degrees, but I was still on crutches and wearing the knee brace.  At my next visit to the doctor on March 17th, he wanted me to be walking without the crutches and the knee brace in 6 weeks.  Syracuse Physical Therapy adjusted my therapy to reach that goal.  Over the next 6 weeks, my progress accelerated to the point where, in 2 weeks, I was off the use of crutches and in 3 weeks I had stopped using the knee brace.  By the end of the 6 weeks of therapy, my range of motion had reached 120 degrees.  At my visit to the doctors on April 28th, the doctor was very pleased with my progress and cleared me to play golf.  After the initial accident, my expectations for playing golf again were in the fall.  Due to the quality of therapy I received at Syracuse Physical Therapy, my rehabilitation far exceeded my original expectations.  Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Syracuse Physical Therapy.
John O. 

"What can I say? PLENTY! I chose the right and beneficial place to have my Physical Therapy Services. Doug Dawkins, the owner, is absolutely confident and well qualified. He is dedicated to ALL who enter his establishment. Also, he is compassionate; but firm, always answering and explaining your questions. He is always watching to see if you are doing the exercises properly and safe - which is important. I personally thank "God" for putting me in his care. His place is well equipped, clean and spacious. His secretary/ receptionist, Tracy, is helpful and ready to help in any way. In closing, I would highly recommend Doug's highly personal and very effective services.
P.S. Am I improving? Yes. Did I feel discomfort? Yes. Is it worth all the time and effort I put in with Doug's help? Yes!!"
Pauline P.

"To Syracuse Physical Therapy, I would like to take a few minutes and thank you for being there for me. I was impressed by the size and the resources available, from the equiptment to the attentiveness of the staff. As a former nurse I am truly satisfied. Keep up the good work, I'll be back."
Patricia G.

"Although I have been a client at Syracuse Physical Therapy for less then 1 month, I feel completely satisfied with the very special way I have been treated, as well as the results.  I feel Doug Dawkins, Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer, is the best therapist who has ever treated me.  I have been treated at exercise gyms and physical treatment centers in Florida and the Syracuse area.  I am sorry I didn't know about Syracuse Physical Therapy years ago.  With the help of Tracy, the lovely receptionist at Syracuse Physical Therapy who explained the program to me, I am pleased to be a client of Syracuse Physical Therapy."
Margaret (Peggy) Y.

"I chose Syracuse Physical Therapy when my physician at SOS prescribed back therapy for me. The physical therapy center is located in an easily accessible building with sufficient parking. The owner, Doug, and his staff are very dedicated to their work and very knowledgeable, are most pleasant to deal with, and are fun to see, as are the other clientele who frequent the therapy office. I think the most impressive thing I have observed is that the owner works one-on-one with his clients during initial orientation and during their therapy. He always makes himself available. Additionally, for a miniscule fee, you can continue to use the therapy center on an ongoing basis once your insurance expires, or for general health maintenance. I would highly recommend Syracuse Physical Therapy."
Brenda R.

"Syracuse Physical Therapy is the place to go when you need a therapist. Doug gives you 100% of his attention and works with you on things to help you with the pain. I would recommend Syracuse PT if you need a good therapist. Thanks Doug."
Fern A.

"I went to the doctor for what I thought was sports related back pain. The doctor referred me to Doug, who determined that it was not my back, but a weak hip that was causing my problem. What a relief it was to pin-point the issue and at that moment I knew I was in good hands. Doug has opened my eyes to my strengths and weaknesses and encouraged me every step of the way to show what the human body is capable of. After several weeks of his guidance I am now pain free. I highly recommend Syracuse Physical Therapy. To me, it's about quality of life, and now I have that again. Thank you Doug."
Laura H.

"After having surgery on my knee, the professionals at Syracuse Physical Therapy helped me on my road to recovery. The owner, Doug, has created a welcoming atmosphere that I look forward to going to three times a week. The Physical Therapists have made me feel very comfortable, and confident that I am in good hands. The progress that I have made since I started physical therapy there is tremendous." 
James S.

"I wanted a place and therapist that was going to give me the individual attention and rehab I needed to get back to 100%. Syracuse PT was the place. Doug really made me feel like I was not just another patient." 

"Prior to my treatment at Syracuse PT, the pain I experienced limited my daily function and sleeping throughout the night. After several weeks of treatment, I am now enjoying normal daily activities. I would highly recommend the friendly, dedicated staff." 

"Doug has changed my life with his care and therapy on my knee. I am able to walk again without pain. Thank you Doug."    

"I can't say enough good things about SPT. The therapists are extraordinarily qualified and consistently adapt therapy to the needs of their clients. They have a warm and personable style. They established a timeline for improvement and were right on the money.   The office associates are extremely in tune to insurance procedures and were very helpful. My assessment appointment was scheduled very quickly when I first called, and sessions were arranged with my convenience in mind.  My final evaluation is that these people have a very professional, no-nonsense commitment to get you back to your regular life. By comparison to other facilities that I've used these people are top shelf." 
Jack D.

"This is an exceptional business! It is privately owned, and therefore personal and caring. They will work around your schedule. They listen to what you say. And above all, they deliver!!! I've seen work-related injuries, and pre/post-opperation people come and go...all with a smile of relief. I'm so glad I found this place." 
Cheryl P.

"Syracuse PT will help you get back on your feet! I have had pain in my shins while walking for several years - the pain was getting worse and worse and I decided to try physical therapy. Other physical therapists told me that my pain was unavoidable, that I would just have to stop doing the things that I love and need to do for my work. Doug was completely different. He approached the problem with an attitude that seemed to say 'we can fix this'. His approach towards therapy is less about avoiding pain (although that's certainly part of it), and more about becoming stronger and healthier. He has a positive, fulfilling way of attacking problems.  
His initial assessment of my problems were spot-on. His insight that I had not been walking correctly was a surprise to me, but once I started working through the exercises and concentrating on my movements like Doug said, I felt great improvement. I haven't felt so comfortable walking in years! I feel very lucky to have found Doug and the rest of the Syracuse Physical Therapy team. Thank you!"
Elizabeth H.